Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BOLIVAR Emiratos 2010 Regional Release - Exclusive to U.A.E


Length: 16.4 cm
Ring Gauge: 54
Factory Name: Sublimes , Extra Robusto
Region: United Arab Emirates

I was hesitant to pick up this box of 10 Bolivar Emiratos from Dubai International Airport a couple of weeks ago because I knew a few years back I've tried the regional release PUNCH for U.A.E and was not happy about it. I usually stay away from regional releases just because I feel that each brands' identity gets exploited for the sake of producing a blend for marketing purposes which does not follow the original brand's tobacco leaf blend that we are familiar with.

So if you are wondering why I decided to buy this Regional Release Bolivar, well its because of its history and my experience with it. If you have smoked Bolivar in the past, you know that it has a reputation of being a strong and full-bodied cigar. Also, it comes from the same factory that produces PARTAGAS so you know this baby will be intense.

A little background info about this release. Only 3000 boxes of 10s were made and were released in late 2010 and early 2011. Available in the U.A.E only. My box is lucky number 457

A look inside reveals 10 elegant looking cigars with smooth outer Colorado Claro wrappers with minimal veins appearing. These 54 gauge Sublimes are very intimidating at first, but once lit, the story changes.

First Burn gives off the cidar wood smell and taste with an intense smoke that hits the back of your throat pretty quickly. After a few blows, the subtle taste of full bodied Bolivar double Robusto Sublimes comes through with spiced wood flavors and silky smoke.  The middle part continues to intensify the woody taste which is really where the Bolivar characteristics comes through of being a powerful cigar. The smoke is just abundant with a very pleasureful feel.

These Bolivars require patience as they tend to give complex  flavors with every drag. I strongly recommend them to be paired with Nespresso's Arpeggio Roast which can complement this Cigar quiet nicely.  If you are seeking intense flavors, Arpeggio is a Full body and high intensity roast with woody aroma that really goes well with the Bolivar. Otherwise I would suggest going with a higher acidity roast like the Nespresso's Cosi roast to maybe cut back on the Cigars intensity and mellow your pallet.

Overall, the Emiratos is a good smoke as it kept its Bolivar characteristics of being a full bodied intense flavor cigar. Heavy cigar smokers who are into powerful cigars would like the Emiratos but I would prefer have this in a short Robusto size than having to smoke the whole thing. It is all about the experience and the Bolivar Emiratos will give you one. But for now... I will stay away from this box for a while.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Back Online

I have been away since my last post for a couple of personal reasons and travel but now I'm back to continue what I have started! I will resume postings hopefully on a regular basis and probably moving this blog to a more reachable readers and cigar lovers.

I know the Ramon Allones post review is long over due. I apologize, but I was a little disappointed with the first one I smoke and the second gave a different experience. I will go for the third one soon and give my thoughts on it to be fair.

I do appreciate everyone's feedback on anything that I post. I am not here to teach or be an expert in something, we are just expressing our personal views and to learn from each other's experiences.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Allones Superiores from RAMON ALLONES for La Casa del Habano

Length: 14.3 cm
Ring Gauge: 46
Factory Name: Coronas Gordas

I'm so excited to finally get a hold of these RAMON ALLONES Superiores that are exclusively made for La Casa Habanos outlets for 2011. Only 5000 boxes of 10s are made and these babies will rest in my humidor for at at least two week before having the pleasure to light one up. I can't wait to review them, so bare with me please :)

Thanks to Ajay from HAVA HAVANA Store in Teddington, London UK. For hooking me up! And if anyone who is in the area, they are the only official La Casa Habanos Store in the country. Check their website

Sunday, July 3, 2011

MONTECRISTO Grand Edmundo Edicion Limitada 2010

After a routine check on my humidors today, I carefully examined and rotated my last 8 MONTECRISTO Grand Edmundo EL 2010 that I planned to age, only to decide that I want to mellow out and enjoy the rest of the night with one of these beautiful cigars.

Length: 15 cm
Ring Gauge: 52
Factory Shape: Robusto Extra
The Grand Edmundo Edicion Limitada (Limited Edition) 2010 is one of my top picks. A 52 gauge ring with an astonishingly smooth dark wrapper and a perfect draw. From the first few puffs you can quickly sense a taste of mild spice with fresh earthy aromas producing bountiful smoke. Before reaching half way on the cigar, the smoke smoothly mellows and the taste becomes sweet with a hint of coffee and wood that pleasantly lingers in the mouth. The taste intensifies and changes as you reach the end of the cigar giving a bitter chocolate and tangy taste that can be off. But after smoking a few of these beauties, I found out that it is best to limit relighting them to avoid any changes in taste, as sometimes bitterness develops near the end.

As these beauties continues to offer me a wonderful experience, I strongly recommend you age them as their flavors keeps intensifying and develop as they grow older. My only worry is that the last box of 10s that I was planning to age are now down to 7 and I'm not planning to stack some more because I am saving some space for the new MONTECRISTO N.2 GRAN RESERVA which should be released sometime this month!

Lastly of course, the perfect espresso coffee roast that complements the MC GRAND EDMUNDO EL 2010 is the Brazilian Arabica Nespresso Dulsão. With an intensity marked 5, the Dulsão offers a well balanced roast revealing sweet notes of honey and malt.

Go on, brew yourself a Dulsão and light up a MONTECRISTO GRAND EDMUNDO EL 2010 and savor every bit of it!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Commenting on Posts

I guess all this time there was an internal error while readers trying to post comments. I have made some changes, so please try and let me know if this issue continues!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Perfect Coffee Roasts to Compliment Your Cigars

It hit me a while back that I was somewhat picky when it came to my choice of beverage while smoking a cigar. I tend to pick something that I thought in my mind would compliment the cigar and not the other way around.  Knowing out of experience when lighting up a Hanabos, I need a drink that would intensify the pleasure of my smoke and not lose out any characteristics of the cigar.

That's why I tend to go with an espresso coffee roast (without sugar of course!) as my top choice of beverage while smoking my cigars. But wait, here is the picky part, not any espresso! But a specific roast for every cigar that I smoke.

Allow me to elaborate, all espressos are not created equal! It starts with the coffee bean and from which parts of the world it came from, the harvesting process, the blending, the roasting and then the grinding techniques. The outcome is the different tastes, characteristics, aromas, acidity levels and intensities an espresso will have. That is why I prefer to have my espresso from Nespresso as they capture the different qualities of the coffee beans. Of course you then have other good brands like illy, Lavazza, Segafredo and other Coffee House blends from Caribou Coffee, Columbus Coffee and many more.

Since Nespresso has a wide range of roasts, I personally believe some marry quiet well with each of my cigars. Therefore, After every review I make, it will include a Nespresso roast match to compliment  each of the cigars and would love to read your feedback on it.

Of course, with all that said, this will always reflect a personal palate and taste. Everyone is free to drink what they think or taste best while smoking their favorite cigar.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Habanos Cigar Brand Ashtrays

The newest addition to my collection are those beautiful Habanos Cigar Brand Ashtrays, The Cohiba, Montecristo and Trinidad. These elegant ceramic two-cigars holder ashtrays are a perfect compliment to the brand that you smoke. Even their boxes are exquisite, here check them out:

For my Cohiba's

My Montecristo's

and Trinidad's

I picked up those beauties unexpectedly from Crazy-box shop in Marina Mall. They have limited quantities of these ashtrays, so if you are interested, better go grab one (or like me 'them all') quick. They have a fair price-tag on them as well.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Longest Cigar in the World!

On May 3rd, four times Guinness World Records holder and renowned Cigar roller Senor Jose Castelar Cairo (a.k.a. Cueto) entered again the GWR with his latest accomplishment of an 81.80 meters (262 ft) long Cuban Cigar!!

The cigar took 7 days to complete and was done in the Morro-Cabana Historic Park in Havana, Cuba. With over 50 years of experiences under his belt as a cigar roller, Cueto says the world record for the longest cigar should always belong to Cuba, the home to habanos, the finest premium cigars on the face of the earth.

Cueto holds the GWR for a first cigar that measured 36 feet long in 2001. Later in 2003 he came up with a 50-foot-long cigar, a 65-footer in 2005, and 147-footer in 2008.

I'll leave you with some of the video footage of the rolling and measuring... enjoy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

La Gloria Cubana Inmensos

Length: 16.4 cm
Ring Gauge: 54
Factory Shape: Sublimes / Inmensos

I stopped by my buddy's Cigar Shop yesterday to experience the La Gloria Cubana Inmensos which is exclusively made for La Case del Habanos stores.

What can I say, but yet another wonderful LGC blend!

Well-balanced body, smooth draw with different aromas from floral accents to freshly cut wood. The burn characteristics make all the viable elements of this cigar comes out fresh from the first draw. This 54 gauge offers a subtle and ample smoke that continues to carry different exciting aromas and tastes.

I recommend this cigar to be enjoyed after a good meal or preferably after dinner. It will go well with the Nespresso limited edition ONIRIO blend.

La Gloria Cubana produced only 50,000 Inmensos cigars (Thats only 5,000 box-of-10s to be sold world wide!) and I had the pleasure to smoke one and I'm keeping the other for a special occasion. If you are a fan of Sublimes, I strongly suggest you get a hold of one of these cigars before they go up in smoke. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cigar Re-Punched

If you're like me, I rarely cut my cigar unless I want to smoke a Torpedo or a Perfecto so I tend to use my Punchers instead. But when using a puncher on a 40+ gauge cigar like a Robusto, Corona or Toro... you are doing more harm to the cigar than you think! you are losing all the real taste unless you have one of these ...

A nifty stainless steel bullet puncher with a 10mm diameter ring size perfect for all 40+ gauge cigars! Comparing to the classic Havana Puncher which has a 6mm diameter ring size, this bullet puncher is a durable, clean and cheap collection item for your on-the-go pre-evening cigar preparation.
The major difference when using 10mm diameter size on a 40+ gauge is not only it evens out the draw, but it also eliminates the tar build-up at the bottom which tends to gives out bitter burnt taste as you reach halfway on your cigar.
The end result is a clean cut/punch on your 40+ gauge cigar without resorting to smaller holes that will change the taste! If you are looking for one of those nifty punchers, I got mine from Jashanmal's Davidoff Tobacco store at Marina Mall (Kuwait) for less than $4!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Limited Edition COHIBA Mini's Tin Case

Yet another wonderful collectors item from COHIBA I picked up while I was in Abu Dhabi the past weekend. Limited Edition Mini cigarillos Tin of 20 is perfect for a travel case. The smooth matte finished with an embossed COHIBA logo makes this item a classier companion than the regular paper pack of 10s or 20s. Its definitely an eye catcher! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Special Edition Mini & Club size from COHIBA & MONTECRISTO

If you are like me, whenever you crave a smoke but don't have the time to indulge in your favorite cigar, Cohiba or Montecristo Mini & Club Cigarillos sizes will get you through the day!

I smoke the Mini's or Club's Cigarillos when I'm on the go or at the office and sometimes while driving (specially during rush hour to ease the stress). Although its nothing close to smoking a perfect cigar, but at least the tobacco fillers are from the same plant leafs used to making habanos.

The Cigarillos usually come in a pack of 10s and 20s, but the new Special Edition Tins packs a 50 of these time savers! These Tins makes a wonderful table-top item on any office desk! They have a good air-tight seal to avoid dryness, and you can always refill it!

Well-Deserved Montecristo OPEN REGATA

As promised, here is my sincere thought about the REGATA

Length: 13.5 cm
Ring Gauge: 46
Factory Shape: Forum

I always wanted to try the MC Open series, but sadly where I live they tend to bring only the brands that are commercially produced (although nothing wrong with 'some' of them) or usually arrive late or very limited quantity with an over-priced tag.

I happened to come across on my recent travel a very nice box of 20 MC open REGATA. I dont know about you, but if I was not told this was a REGATA & was blind-folded, the first sniff of the fresh-opened box I would immediately say this is a Montecristo blend! The fresh earthy-woody smell with the smooth outer wrap are just a few characteristic of the MC.

With every new brand cigar I light up, I tend to use a back-end of a matchstick to burn (Its my thing - and I doubt it makes any difference, but to heck with it! I have my own rituals). The first draw brings in a strong spicy smoke which quickly settles after the second puff. This cigar brought me back to my very first cigar that I smoke (discontinued Sinatra's - which i still have a few saved in my humidor which I will review later).

The nice thing about this cigar is the Forum shaped but shorter length than usual. The drag is smooth and offers an abundant smoke. As you near the middle, the spiciness of the draw fades away and you are welcomed with a more subtle sweet woodiness flavor.

This cigar can be pleasing for the non-experienced newcomers as well as the most sophisticated smoker. Montecristo Open REGATA is another well honored blend that should definitely deserve a try.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Joy of smoking

First Entry - By no means do I call myself an expert! I'm a mere aficionado that fell in love with cigars since I was 21 years old. A little more than decade later, I dared myself to venture out and acquire a more sophisticated appreciation to these wonderful work of art!

This blog will contain some of my personal views and opinions on many topics pertaining to cigars and smoking, I will share my own reviews and I encourage everyone to share their as well. This blog will be my virtual online  round table 'Smoker Room'

Lastly, I would like to share with you one of the things that made me say "Ok thats its! Im starting my own blog!" , is the many bad reviews I read about the Montecristo Open series. These Beautiful crafted cigars are just a perfect example of how Montecristo blends can deliver unique and tasteful experience! yes I'm smoking the REGATA as I type and I will follow this entry with a well-deserved review.

In the meantime... Thank you & Welcome...