Thursday, June 30, 2011

Commenting on Posts

I guess all this time there was an internal error while readers trying to post comments. I have made some changes, so please try and let me know if this issue continues!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Perfect Coffee Roasts to Compliment Your Cigars

It hit me a while back that I was somewhat picky when it came to my choice of beverage while smoking a cigar. I tend to pick something that I thought in my mind would compliment the cigar and not the other way around.  Knowing out of experience when lighting up a Hanabos, I need a drink that would intensify the pleasure of my smoke and not lose out any characteristics of the cigar.

That's why I tend to go with an espresso coffee roast (without sugar of course!) as my top choice of beverage while smoking my cigars. But wait, here is the picky part, not any espresso! But a specific roast for every cigar that I smoke.

Allow me to elaborate, all espressos are not created equal! It starts with the coffee bean and from which parts of the world it came from, the harvesting process, the blending, the roasting and then the grinding techniques. The outcome is the different tastes, characteristics, aromas, acidity levels and intensities an espresso will have. That is why I prefer to have my espresso from Nespresso as they capture the different qualities of the coffee beans. Of course you then have other good brands like illy, Lavazza, Segafredo and other Coffee House blends from Caribou Coffee, Columbus Coffee and many more.

Since Nespresso has a wide range of roasts, I personally believe some marry quiet well with each of my cigars. Therefore, After every review I make, it will include a Nespresso roast match to compliment  each of the cigars and would love to read your feedback on it.

Of course, with all that said, this will always reflect a personal palate and taste. Everyone is free to drink what they think or taste best while smoking their favorite cigar.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Habanos Cigar Brand Ashtrays

The newest addition to my collection are those beautiful Habanos Cigar Brand Ashtrays, The Cohiba, Montecristo and Trinidad. These elegant ceramic two-cigars holder ashtrays are a perfect compliment to the brand that you smoke. Even their boxes are exquisite, here check them out:

For my Cohiba's

My Montecristo's

and Trinidad's

I picked up those beauties unexpectedly from Crazy-box shop in Marina Mall. They have limited quantities of these ashtrays, so if you are interested, better go grab one (or like me 'them all') quick. They have a fair price-tag on them as well.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Longest Cigar in the World!

On May 3rd, four times Guinness World Records holder and renowned Cigar roller Senor Jose Castelar Cairo (a.k.a. Cueto) entered again the GWR with his latest accomplishment of an 81.80 meters (262 ft) long Cuban Cigar!!

The cigar took 7 days to complete and was done in the Morro-Cabana Historic Park in Havana, Cuba. With over 50 years of experiences under his belt as a cigar roller, Cueto says the world record for the longest cigar should always belong to Cuba, the home to habanos, the finest premium cigars on the face of the earth.

Cueto holds the GWR for a first cigar that measured 36 feet long in 2001. Later in 2003 he came up with a 50-foot-long cigar, a 65-footer in 2005, and 147-footer in 2008.

I'll leave you with some of the video footage of the rolling and measuring... enjoy!