Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cigar Re-Punched

If you're like me, I rarely cut my cigar unless I want to smoke a Torpedo or a Perfecto so I tend to use my Punchers instead. But when using a puncher on a 40+ gauge cigar like a Robusto, Corona or Toro... you are doing more harm to the cigar than you think! you are losing all the real taste unless you have one of these ...

A nifty stainless steel bullet puncher with a 10mm diameter ring size perfect for all 40+ gauge cigars! Comparing to the classic Havana Puncher which has a 6mm diameter ring size, this bullet puncher is a durable, clean and cheap collection item for your on-the-go pre-evening cigar preparation.
The major difference when using 10mm diameter size on a 40+ gauge is not only it evens out the draw, but it also eliminates the tar build-up at the bottom which tends to gives out bitter burnt taste as you reach halfway on your cigar.
The end result is a clean cut/punch on your 40+ gauge cigar without resorting to smaller holes that will change the taste! If you are looking for one of those nifty punchers, I got mine from Jashanmal's Davidoff Tobacco store at Marina Mall (Kuwait) for less than $4!


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  2. Its my pleasure M Zaib! I'll try my best to keep things on a roll and share more of my cigar experience regularly.

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