Saturday, May 21, 2011

La Gloria Cubana Inmensos

Length: 16.4 cm
Ring Gauge: 54
Factory Shape: Sublimes / Inmensos

I stopped by my buddy's Cigar Shop yesterday to experience the La Gloria Cubana Inmensos which is exclusively made for La Case del Habanos stores.

What can I say, but yet another wonderful LGC blend!

Well-balanced body, smooth draw with different aromas from floral accents to freshly cut wood. The burn characteristics make all the viable elements of this cigar comes out fresh from the first draw. This 54 gauge offers a subtle and ample smoke that continues to carry different exciting aromas and tastes.

I recommend this cigar to be enjoyed after a good meal or preferably after dinner. It will go well with the Nespresso limited edition ONIRIO blend.

La Gloria Cubana produced only 50,000 Inmensos cigars (Thats only 5,000 box-of-10s to be sold world wide!) and I had the pleasure to smoke one and I'm keeping the other for a special occasion. If you are a fan of Sublimes, I strongly suggest you get a hold of one of these cigars before they go up in smoke. 

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