Monday, May 2, 2011

Well-Deserved Montecristo OPEN REGATA

As promised, here is my sincere thought about the REGATA

Length: 13.5 cm
Ring Gauge: 46
Factory Shape: Forum

I always wanted to try the MC Open series, but sadly where I live they tend to bring only the brands that are commercially produced (although nothing wrong with 'some' of them) or usually arrive late or very limited quantity with an over-priced tag.

I happened to come across on my recent travel a very nice box of 20 MC open REGATA. I dont know about you, but if I was not told this was a REGATA & was blind-folded, the first sniff of the fresh-opened box I would immediately say this is a Montecristo blend! The fresh earthy-woody smell with the smooth outer wrap are just a few characteristic of the MC.

With every new brand cigar I light up, I tend to use a back-end of a matchstick to burn (Its my thing - and I doubt it makes any difference, but to heck with it! I have my own rituals). The first draw brings in a strong spicy smoke which quickly settles after the second puff. This cigar brought me back to my very first cigar that I smoke (discontinued Sinatra's - which i still have a few saved in my humidor which I will review later).

The nice thing about this cigar is the Forum shaped but shorter length than usual. The drag is smooth and offers an abundant smoke. As you near the middle, the spiciness of the draw fades away and you are welcomed with a more subtle sweet woodiness flavor.

This cigar can be pleasing for the non-experienced newcomers as well as the most sophisticated smoker. Montecristo Open REGATA is another well honored blend that should definitely deserve a try.

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