Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Building My Own Humidor - Part 2 (Sketch)

I have finished my initial sketch-up of what I want my humidor to look like. This cabinet design is made to fit perfectly into an empty area in my office that I have been longing to fill. The Humidor will be approx 40cm width x 40cm depth x 150cm height with  accessible compartments as shown below in my sketch:

As you can see from the sketch, I will have 4 compartments that are divided by spaced out planks so that air circulation can travel through all compartments which consist of the following: 

  • The bottom flip-down will house my humidification system
  • The bottom middle right-swing door will be for the cigar-in-original-box storage.
  • The top middle left-swing door will house my exclusive cigar boxes.
  • The top flip-up will house the Singles, Tubos, Mini's, Club's and any quick-grab cigars or accessories.
All compartments will have a tempered glass front and every bolt. hinge, handle will be plated to avoid rust. The inner backside of my humidor as you can see from the sketch will have a thin >1.5mm metal (magnetic) sheet in between the lining and outer frame. This will help me attache all my gadgets and gauges using a magnet for easy placements as well as to add weight to make the humidor more sturdy.

Now my first challenge is finding the right wood and materials. After asking around and getting quotations on the wood, I have narrowed down my choices to use either imported Rosewood or Lebanese Cedar wood as the lining inside my humidor.

As I gather all my materials now, we will go over specifics in Part 3 hopefully next week!

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