Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Building My Own Humidor - Part 3 (Humidifier & Framework)

Continuing with my project, I have put together this nifty shelf that I bought from Ikea that would be perfect for the humidor frame. It is made out of treated and polished Brich wood and should withstand Humidity if cared for properly.

The reason I choose this wood for the shelves and frame is because I'm planning to keep my cigars in their original boxes inside the humidor and not loose. This way the cigars will still condition and mature in their original package just like at any proper Tobacconist dealer.

The spaced-out shelves are perfect to allow air circulation between compartments. I might need to adjust the circulation by adding small computer fans later on if needed to maintain humidity levels in all compartments. As for the humidifier system, I have chosen the Hydra® LG Humidifier which I will order online after I contact the manufacture to make sure of the electrical output needed since this is an American product and might only run on 110volts.

What I like about the Hydra® LG Humidifier is that it can fit perfectly in the bottom compartment and would have easy access to electrical outlets from the back or the side of my humidor. Also, some of the other features that the Hyrda has are:

  • Large LED for easy relative humidity viewing
  • Reports humidity reading every 30 seconds
  • Large capacity water cartridge
  • 2 internal fans / 2 external fan ports
  • Audible and visual low water indicator
  • Handheld remote unit on 54" long wire
  • Remote controls basic functions and reports temperature and humidity.
  • Toggle switch to turn off/on audible alerts.
  • Very quiet

  • I will leave you with their video demonstration of the product


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