Monday, February 6, 2012

Nespresso Kazaar Ultimate Blend is BACK

The sheer intensity and strong roast of a perfectly balanced espresso was brought back again by Nespresso with Kazaar! The Special Edition Kazaar was first released in 2010 and now making its way as a special edition for 2012 by blending the Guatemalans and Brazilain Robustas with the Brazilian Arabica coffee beans giving the absolute pleasureful intensity level of 12! 

I love my espresso strong and intense with no sugar or cream! Only two of the 16 Grand Crus of Nespresso has a level of intensity of 10 which I consider strong, the spicy Indriya and the extra roasted Ristretto, but the level 12 intensity is only experienced with Kazaar. The aroma it gives the moment you brew it from the Nespresso Machine gives you a clear indication of the complexity this shot will have. Strong, bitter, full-bodied and creamy in texture with little hint of pepper that will last in your mouth for a while!

To me, a good roast indicator is when you will not want to drink any water right after your espresso just so that you can enjoy the left over taste on you pallet. That's why i am loving Kazaar right now! Kazaar is like the Maduro of Cigars, I want that taste to laaast!

I haven't yet paired it with any cigars yet, but boy do I have plenty in mind! Just to suggest a few for you guys, I would go for a medium-bodied Trinidads, Cohibas, Allones or even Montecristos. I would avoid any spicy cigars because of this coffee intensity.

Salut & enjoy!

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