Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Light Up Your Cigars With Cedar Sticks!

We all know that lighting up a cigar improperly will effect its taste. That's why we tend to avoid any gasoline or oil base lighters and when using matches, we have to make sure the phosphorus (head) is completely burnt off before bringing it close to the cigar which tends to be a challenge if you are not using a long stick match! 

Of course there isn't any major problems using a flame torch lighter (which I tend to use regularly), but it tends to burn the cigar foot fairly quickly. To truly experience the first burn, you will need a soft consistent burning flame similar to the matchstick but without the igniting chemicals.

If you are like me, every cigar collector, enthusiast or aficionado will have a few saved empty cigar boxes that you didn't discard! Usually most Habanos and other quality cigars boxes come with a Cedar Sheet (some call it Veneer Sheet) to help the cigars condition during transportation. Spanish Cedar wood is usually used in Humidor linings for its quality to handle humidity and prevent molds along with its odor which can be perfect for aging cigars.

I take a few of these Cedar sheets and cut them with a the edge of a very sharp blade approx. 5mm width strip. Make sure the cut is along the grain so you can have a solid stick!

Now you have a perfect Cedar stick to light up your cigar with!

Use your torch to start the flame on the Cedar and enjoy the aroma that comes out of it while you light you cigar!

Next time you want to impress your friends when they come over for a smoke, go ahead and try it! Thank me later!