Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Limited Edition COHIBA & MONTECRISTO Club & Mini Tin Cases

Following my last post (Limited Edition COHIBA Mini's Tin Case) a new Special Edition Tin can were made for both the COHIBA & MONTECRISTO Club & Mini size cigarillos.

The New COHIBA Tin cases are I believe the most elegantly made compared to the previous ones. It comes in similar to the Maduro boxes being all black and matte shine with the logo in gold. They came out with Tin Case of 10s as well as a Tin case of 20s.

The MONTECRISTO also released thier new Limited Edition Tin cases of 10s & 20s made with thier signature colors of mustard yellow and red.

Also available are the ROMEO Y JULIETA Tin cases and the PARTAGAS released a Special Edition Tin cases but I have yet to get a hold of some.

Good collectors items!



  1. Really? What's the point of buying LE Club and Minis? Is the tobacco better in these than the regular club and minis?

    1. Nope. Its the same taste of the normal machine made Montecristo/Cohiba Clubs & Minis sizes. The tin cases are just contactable item and look fancier than the normal paper boxes. You can refill and use it like a cigarillo/cigarette case whenever you want to show it off.