Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nespresso Crealto Limited Edition 2012 - "Inspired By High Gastronomy"

Nespresso's Crealto the new 2012 Limited Edition showcases around the globe with its unique blend that was inspired by culinary and gastronomy techniques of low temperature slow roasting to bring a taste of a well rounded, no acidity, high intensity (8) great tasting espresso shot!

Crealto (pronounced Kre-Al-To) has already hit the market in the US and parts of Eurpoe. We hope it reaches us in the Middle East before October and not delay us similar to what happened with the Naora.

Below is Nespresso's official Crealto presentation:

Crealto is the first Nespresso Limited Edition inspired by a culinary technique. A unique blend of washed Arabicas from South & Central America and Indonesia, Crealto is roasted slowly at low teperature for intense roasted notes and roundness.

The Story - With Crealto, Nespresso once more demonstrates its never ending quest for new coffee experiences, in this instance inspired by the world of High Gastronomy and the encounter between two experts.

The Encounter - Crealto results from an encounter between one of Nespresso's expert, Alex Rodriguez and awarded Chef Mauro Colagreco who share a love for high-quality and a desire to create.

Click here to see The Encounter Video

The Long Roast - Crealto is inspired by a culinary technique. In Gastronomy, slow roasting is used to extract aromas and obtain mellow results:

1. The Selection of origin: Only a specific selection of the best arabicas made long roasting possible. Crealto's unique blend has been carefully designed with coffee beans that grow in areas with specific soil and weather conditions. This allows the coffee beans to modify their intrinsical composition and absorb more elements, avoiding them from developing over-roasted notes in the process. 

2. The Mastering of Roasting: The long roasting process that requires extreme rigor. By roasting three times longer than average Nespresso roasting time and at lower temperature, the heat is diffused right in the heart of each grain.

3. The Revelation of Flavors: Finally, Long roasting reveals a coffee with roasted noted that are surprisingly round, with no acidity and a nice bitterness, a lingering aftertaste and a full-bodied intensity.


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