Thursday, June 5, 2014

COHIBA Robustos Supremos Edicion Limitada 2014 Tasting and Review (New Release Limited Edition 2014)

Length: 12.7 cm
Ring Gauge: 58
Factory Name: Robustos Supremos
Vitola: Maginifos
Type: Maginifos
Presentation: Box of 10 (TBC)
Release Date: Third quarter 2014

Much talk was going on about this cigar being one of the widest ring gauges to come out of Habanos and rumors circulated about it might be bigger than 55! Well during the Habanos festival this year, all rumors were put to rest when they announced the COHIBA Robustos Supremos being an astonishing 58 ring gauge! These cigars were handed out during the Trinidad Vigia dinner as the fourth Habanos to be showcased to the audience...  I had the opportunity to try one back then and saved the other for the review for you guy! So here it is...

The Construction - Of course, the first thing you notice is the whopping 58 gauge ring - the largest habanos currently produced - a very firm and smooth dark colorado claro wrapper with no protruding veins. This cigar shows that it is well packed with tobacco from the foot held by a semi shiny body and finished off with a beautiful triple cap construction.

The Draw - By using a wide gauge punch on the cap, the draw has a little tight resistant to it which is expected from a thick cigar. Rich earthy scent with hint of dark chocolate are picked up from the cold draw. Some sweet caramel is also tasted.

The First Burn - Toasted rye bread smell with some sweet nutty smoke from the first few draws. Noticeably of hazelnut and light cedar notes. A slight peppery spiciness develops but not overpowering and quickly mellows out during the first burn but sticks in the background. The smoke becomes light with a citrusy finish. Ash holds on strong but with a somewhat uneven burn.


The Middle Burn - Continues to follow through with robust earthy and woody notes and sometimes taste of burnt caramel and raw cocoa. The smoke continues to be light with that faint citrus taste. Not much development in profile. Ash holds up well and the burn tends to even it self out. nearing the end of this part the smoke becomes hot and the peppery taste lingers in the mouth and somewhat numbs the tongue.

The Final Burn - Develops a distinctive wet wood taste with a bitter finish. The black pepper spicy notes are highlighted towards the end which also gives off an appetizing cinnamon aftertaste. The smoke heatness intensifies and continues to be light with a citrus finish.

Even though Habanos overshot with this wide ring gauge cigar, it still showcases a familiar COHIBA profile. The best way to describe this smoke is like a hybrid between a Siglo VI with a Maduro 5. Rich earthiness with a sweet spicy characteristics which will definitely benefit from further conditioning and age. Must revisit these once they are out to see how it hold up.

The Pairing - With this interesting profile of the COHIBA Robustos Supremos the Nespresso Dulsao do Brasil would surely offer an exquisite complement to the smoke. With Intensity level 5, it will balance the cigar with its roasted grain notes and sweet mellow balanced flavor.


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