Friday, April 17, 2015

LA FLOR DE CANO Siboney Exclusivo Canada (Regional Edition Canada 2014) Tasting and Review

Length: 11cm
Ring Gauge: 42
Factory Name: Minutos
Vitola: Minutos
Type: Petit Corona
Presentation: Box of 25 (Serial Numbered only 2,000 boxes made)
Release Date: February 2015

The Construction - Very firm Semi-glossy brown colorado claro wrapper with almost no visible veins. A fair cap construction and a tightly rolled petite corona measuring 11cm in length which is a similar vitola as a Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas.

The Draw - Using a small gauge punch for the Siboney reveals a well packed rolled tobacco with just the right amount of resistance. The Siboney has a very faint pre-light aroma but you can pick up some hints of sweetness from the draw.

The First Burn - After taking the first draw in and out of the nose, you pick up on some of that sweetness of burnt caramel which is overshadowed by the rough taste of ammonia in the cigar. A bit spicy compared to most LFDC I have had but certainly common since this smoke might still be young and hopefully it changes later on while smoking.

The Middle Burn - The spicy zing continues into the middle part not leaving much character of the Siboney to savor. There are a few hints of freshness coming through and a slight sweet spicy notes. The burn in perfect and smoke carries well while the ash is still intact and solid. No interesting profile to showcase as the rough ammonia taste still overwhelms the hidden characters.

The Final Burn - Showed little improvement with the development of character. The taste of ammonia still lingers around and bitterness in the smoke starting to be present. Hints of black pepper burnt wood are what comes through during this part. The sweetness in the beginning are faint yet you can still pick them in the aftertaste.

Surprisingly nearing the end the sweet caramel and woody notes come through noticeably and leaving just a slight zing in the back of the through and a bitter taste on the tongue and that tingling pepper sensation in the nose. To be honest the last part of this smoke was the most enjoyable!

Overall the Siboney is a fairly young cigar and should be left to rest for a while, I think some character will shine through after a year of resting. I was hesitant to review the La Flor De Cano Siboney... but I thought of documenting this now and see how it develops in time. So definitely will revisit this cigar after a year.


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