Monday, February 27, 2012

My Surprise Birthday Cake!

Since I was traveling on my Birthday (Feb 25th), a good friend of mine decided to surprise me by sending this wonderful cake right before I was planning to leave! It was a COHIBA Cigar Box Cake! You have to appreciate how some would go out of their way to do something really meaningful like this. I am speechless! I usually never celebrate my birthday by partying big cakes here & there, but since I had a very busy week and I deserved a break, I've invited a few of my buddies over for some Cigar smoking and drinks (but NO cake!!).

What you see in the pictures is that everything is edible expect the top which is made from styrofoam. Its a Chocolate cake with 10 COHIBA SIGLO VI size rolled Chocolate Cigars with their bands placed in the middle just like a real cigar box. The colors look very close to real especially large logo on the top and the gold/brass handle on the outside that most cigar boxes has. They have even made a cigar cutter that was placed on the bottom right of the cigar box. This was truly one special cake! 

Of course for this special occasion we pulled out our COHIBA 1966 to be enjoyed with a Mojito while admiring the cake. Yes, I only allowed my buddies to look at the cake and not eat it. In fact, even the next day I took it with me around parading it to everyone I know. The cake looked so good it would be a shame to eat it. Of course you can only hold them back for a limited time until they over power you and go of the cake!

Again, I would like to thank you all for making my birthday cake so memorable. If anyone who wants to know from where the cake was made contact me and I'll give you the bakers number.