Thursday, February 23, 2012

XIKAR Car Ashtray Can

As I was searching online for Digital Hygrometers for the Humidor I am building (read previous entries 1-2-3) I came across this very simple, yet only people like me who would appreciate it dearly, Portable Car Ashtray that fits in most cup holders.

Why am I excited? I'll tell you... one of my favorite places to smoke a cigar is in my car. The closed space really give another experience for the cigar smoker, it will get you deeper into your cigar, it intensifies the aromas and flavors which makes it lasts much much longer. What I currently use in my car are the standard small flip-in-dashboard ashtrays and a cup holder ashtray. Every time I smoke in the car, I would have to hold my cigar in hand at all time. The flip ashtray would not hold it and the cup holder would extinguish the cigar since it will be burn faced down. So its mouth - hand, hand - mouth type of smoking, it would be nice to rest the cigar for a little and that's why i got excited about the XIKAR Car Ashtray Can.

XIKAR are known for the stainless steel smoking accessories and lighters. Their new Portable Can Ashtray as they call it, is the answer to our smoking in-car problems. 

Whats nice about the Ashtray is the rings attached on the inside to hold the cigar and not let the burn face touch the bottom, giving the burn some air to breath and thus not having to re-light the cigar over and over again. Here are some of the features as mentioned on their website:
  • Fits into cup holders and consoles of most cars 
  • Stainless steel construction with flexible cigar holder 
  • Perfect for holding ashes or coins 
  • Screw-able lid keeps the ashes and aromas contained until the next cigar.

I am a happy man, its only $19.95 on Amazon and I Just ordered two of them for my cars. Oh yea, and you can actually have them engrave a personal message on them too(for instance - Thank you Me & My Cigars ?)



  1. I saw them a lot on eBay and almost every cigar site but I didn't think its for the car
    .. I smoke one cigar per day maybe I will start smoking in the car with this holder.

  2. @mrk On XIKAR website they stated this product as a portable ashtray so you can take it with you anywhere and it so happens to fit perfectly in a car cup holder :)

    I'll tell you, smoking Cigars in cars are surely a different experience and hope you'll enjoy it. But please keep you eyes on the road and drive safe :)

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