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Vintage Encounters (Part 2) - Cubatabaco 25th Aniversario Humidor 1987

If you thought the Pre-1960s H. Upmann Cristales (Corona) post was cool, then fasten your seat belts for this one! Not to exaggerate, but literally, the hair on the back of my neck stood the moment I was face to face with this treasure. To some, this item might be considered as the Holy Grail of Cubatabaco, which myself, lucky again, got the opportunity to be up close and personal with one.

Quick History lesson:
Following the Cuban Revolution when Fidel Castro assumed power, the Ministry for the Recovery of Misappropriated Assets (Ministerio de RecuperaciĆ³n de Bienes Malversados) was created to expropriate land and private property as part of the newly formed socialist government. Farms, lands, businesses, and companies were nationalized and in 1962, Cubatobaco was formed to be responsible for Cuba's cigar production and sales.

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Cubatabaco handled all production and distribution of Cuban tobacco products both locally and internationally until 1994, when the company Habanos S.A. was formed to export the cigars worldwide.

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Not until 2001 when the production of Cuban cigars went to a company named Tabacuba while Cubatabaco continues to own the Cuban cigar brand names until this day.

During this era, Cubatabaco released 2 special Commemorative humidors under their own Trademark brand name. The 25th Aniversario Cubatabaco 1987 which commemorates the 25th anniversary of Cubatabaco and the 1992 - 1492 Humidor which commemorates the 500th anniversary of Columbus' "discovery" of tobacco.

So lets take a look at this treasure...

1987 - 25th Aniversario Humidor

Length: 14.2 cm
Ring Gauge: 42
Factory Name: Corona
Vitola: Coronas
Type: Corona
Presentation: 50 cigar Humidor (only 100 made)
Release Date: 1987

This was the first commemorative humidor produced since the Revolution and since there are only a 100 made... its extremely rare to find and in such pristine condition!

Beautiful lacquered finish with its original key lock and a gold stamped Cubatabaco logo on the face

These 26+ year old coronas are in prefect condition and has an invigorating strong herbal scent unlike and Cuban I have smelled before! I can't even imagine how they will smoke!

 Up close and personal while examining the band and taking a closer whiff of this rare beauty!

As fragile and rare these treasures are, I could't let this one rest! I would have loved to smoke one but these are kept for a very very very special occasion which I totally respect. Plus the owner of this humidor would probably choke me if I asked him to. I'll probably would be on the first plane back to try one once he decides to light one up!

Again, I couldn't thank the man enough for giving me the opportunity to document this treasure. Ajay Patel from La Casa Del Habano in Teddington, UK... you're the man!

I'll probably will follow-up on this post with a review from Ajay once he smoke this beauty. But for now, please enjoy this exclusive post!


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